OTI Greentech Group provides products and services to the maritime, infrastructure and oil & gas industries worldwide.

A wide range of product and technology solutions are provided through its three subsidiaries. The OTI Greentech Group currently has over 30 employees in Europe and the USA .

OTI Greentech AG is listed on the over the counter market of the Düsseldorf Stock Exchange (WKN A2TSL2). OTI Greentech’s corporate headquarters are located in Berlin, Germany.

Patented technology

OTI Greentech's surfactant based patented technology provides innovative sustainable and cost-efficient solutions for various industrial cleaning challenges, with potential for application in land remediation.

Long experience

Through its group companies OTI Greentech Innovative Solutions, Uniservice Unisafe and KMI Cleaning Solutions
OTI Greentech has more than 30 years of experience.

Provider to the global shipping industry

Through UNIservice Unisafe, OTI Greentech provides the global shipping industry with a complete range of technology solutions and services in all major ports worldwide.

Provider to the US liquid products transport sector with a wide range of products and solutions

KMI is one of the leading manufacturers of chemicals in the bulk container and cleaning industries in the United States. KMI provides our customers with solutions to solve any of their cleaning needs while also having a low impact on the environment.


Dr. John C. Kisalus

Supervisory Board

Andrew Schwager
Paul R. Morris
Vice Chairman
Nicholas Reginald Elmslie

Mission & Strategy

The OTI Greentech group is to become established as a leading provider of innovative Cleantech chemicals and other products and services to the Maritime, Infrastructure and Oil & Gas industries.


2021 > EUR 8.5 million sales and a comfortable profit margin