OTI Greentech AG completes takeover of Uniservice Unisafe Srl through capital increase in return for contributions in kind

• Purchase price to be paid in full with 2.5 million shares from capital increase
• Valuation basis of EUR 1.50 per share

The Management Board of OTI Greentech AG (WKN A0HNE8) resolved to increase the Company’s share capital in return for contributions in kind disapplying shareholders’ preemptive rights. The Supervisory Board authorized the corporate action.The capital increase will raise the share capital using portions of authorized capital by EUR 2,500,000.00 from EUR 27,478,162.00 to EUR 29,978,162.00 by issuing 2,500,000 new shares. All of the new shares will be subscribed by Urruty gg Niego SrL, Genoa/Italy („Urruty“) at an issue price of EUR 1.50. The new shares carry dividend rights from 1 January 2016. In return, Urruty will contribute all shares in Uniservice Unisafe SrL, Genoa/Italy („USUS“) as a contribution in kind.

The capital increase serves to complete the purchase agreement for all of the shares in USUS. The purchase price is EUR 3.75 million and will be paid by issuing 2,500,000 shares based on a valuation of EUR 1.50 per share. USUS is a global supplier platform for chemicals and fire protection and safety equipment for the shipping industry with a customer base comprising more than 230 shipping companies in over 900 ports. With the takeover, Uniservice Global, previously a joint venture of both companies, will be wholly owned by OTI Greentech AG. USUS’s global presence also enables OTI Greentech AG to improve global distribution of its own ECOSOLUT product family. The Company therefore also expects the takeover to enhance the Group’s overall profitability.