OTI Greentech AG receives its first ESG rating from Asset Impact GmbH

OTI Greentech AG (“OTI“) (WKN security identification number A2TSL2), an international provider of innovative and sustainable chemical products and services for industry, listed on the over-the-counter market of the Düsseldorf stock exchange, has received the ESG rating “Quite Sustainable” from the renowned Asset Impact. This is the second-best rating on the five-grade ESG scale of Asset Impact. The sustainability analysis highlights the high ecological significance of the central business units of OTI. It points out that the company accepts responsibility to avoid environmental damage in the best possible way and develops the necessary technology to do so with its own research. According to the assessment of the analysts, the business activities are essentially linked to aspects of environmental protection.

The patented OTI solutions use almost completely biodegradable surfactants for the cleaning of product tanks. Due to its high efficiency, significantly less waste water arises during the process and, moreover, energy is saved through the use of water with low temperatures, which leads to a significant reduction of the CO2 emissions.

John C. Kisalus, CEO of OTI, explains: “We are very pleased about the accolade received from Asset Impact. It proves the high environmental relevance of our products. Moreover, the rating reflects the good ESG standards of OTI. And it is a stimulus for us to continue to improve further.”

The sustainability analysis by Asset Impact can be found on the OTI website www.oti.ag under the section Investor Relations / Corporate Governance.