OTI Greentech AG and Sorbwater Technology AS enter into promising distribution agreement

OTI Greentech AG (ISIN DE000A2TSL22) (‘OTI’) has entered into an agreement with Sorbwater Technology AS, Norway (‘Sorbwater’) regarding the use of technology developed by Sorbwater for the purpose of treating waste water in industrial applications. The technology is an excellent addition to the OTI product family, and it opens up additional potential for turnover and results for both partners involved.

The technology developed by Sorbwater allows for the separation of oil residue in process water and in industrial waste water. To achieve this, bio-degradable flocculants are added to the water to be treated. These bind the oil residue and drive it to the surface, from where it can be sucked away.

Among other areas, the technology can be used in the framework of OTI / KMI joint ventures in the United States. . Customers have high quantities of waste water due to the cleaning of tank lorries. The former are reduced considerably by through the use of OTI’s ECOSOLUT products. The cost-intensive downstream waste-water treatment can largely be avoided owing to the additional treatment of the waste water with Sorbwater’s products. OTI has already achieved excellent results in the previous quarters thanks to the use of both products at modified plants.

OTI is now going to further develop this combined technology and to market it. OTI is convinced that there will be good market acceptance for the joint ecological technology of the two companies. Furthermore, OTI is going to test and use this technology in other activities of the group. In the maritime area in particular multiple options for use have been identified.

Dr John C. Kisalus, CEO of OTI Greentech AG, explains: “Since 2015, we have had operational connections with Sorbwater. Our activities in the United States, however, have opened up a highly interesting area of application. For OTI, this is a logical extension of our range: On the one hand, we reduce the amounts of waste water in cleaning processes dramatically thanks to our ecological ECOSOLUT products. And now, we are also able to clean these amounts of waste water ecologically. We are expecting significant and highly profitable system turnover in the near future as a result of this.”