Repositioning of IP Strategy AG and change of company’s name into OTI Greentech AG (Kopie 1)

The general assembly approved the increase of the Company’s share capital in the amount of up to 21,700,777.00 EUR up to 22,200,777.00 EUR. The management is authorized to increase the Company’s share capital via a contribution in kind (Kapitalerhöhung gegen Sacheinlagen) of the shares in OTI Greentech Group AG, Zug, Switzerland.

OTI Greentech Group AG is a leading international cleantech engineering group. In the future, the Company will operate under the name OTI Greentech AG.

The existing members of the supervisory board and the managing director have resigned with effect from today´s date. The newly appointed supervisory board elected Mr. Alexander Lattmann (Lawyer) as chairman of the supervisory board and Mr. Joseph Armstrong as new managing director of the Company.

Furthermore, the management is authorized by the general assembly to issue convertible bonds and/or bonds with warrants attached in the amount of up to 4,000,000.00 EUR after the completion of the aforementioned capital increase.